Hide Persistent Notifications

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Choose a persistent notification to hide it forever as long as this app is installed, or hide it temporarily.

Notification hidden forever can be brought back if you remove it from the list of hidden notification and then restart your device.

Notification hidden temporarily can be brought back immediately after removing it from the list of hidden notification.


Version 1.0.1:

🔧Added some clarification text
🔨Changed the wording of some dialogs
🔨Removed unnecessary code


Version 1.0.0:

🎉 Initial Release

Privacy Policy

The app Hide Persistent Notifications does not collect any personal information, and does not need an internet connection to function, and it does not contain any analytic code.

The app Hide Persistent Notifications does need access to the notification on your device, but it does not do anything with the notification except for displaying it to you in the app, for you to choose if you want to hide it.